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Awesome ChatGPT

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An awesome & curated list of best recources, tools, applications, usages of ChatGPT.



Please note that currently, all the resources listed below are Unofficial (except Official Resource section).

Use them with cautious.

Table of Contents

Official Resource

Use ChatGPT Anywhere

Browser Extensions

Desktop Applications


Launcher Extensions


Reverse Proxy

  • ChatGPT reverse proxy site, intended for people with restricted access to areas by OpenAI.

Extend ChatGPT Feature


  • Chrome extension to summarize web page content.
  • commitgpt: Automatically generate commit messages using ChatGPT.
  • chatgpt-action: Github Action to let ChatGPT review PRs for you.
  • StackExplain: CLI tool to explain your error message with ChatGPT.
  • ChatMind: Generating and Modifying Mind Maps through AI Dialogue.


  • showGPT: Website with curated list of best prompts, and you can submit your own easily.
  • Awesome ChatGPT Prompts: ChatGPT prompts that works well.
  • awesome-chatgpt: Posts & thoughts about prompting ChatGPT for different usages
  • Useful ChatGPT Prompts: A comprehensive list of useful ChatGPT prompts to help you get the most out of ChatGPT.

Development Tools (API, SDK)

  • PyChatGPT (Python): Lightweight, TLS-Based ChatGPT API on your CLI without requiring a browser or access token.
  • pip/revChatGPT (Python): Lightweight package for interacting with ChatGPT's API by OpenAI. Uses reverse engineered official API.
  • npm/chatgpt (Node.js): Node.js client for the unofficial ChatGPT API.
  • ChatGPT API Dart (Dart): Dart client for the unofficial ChatGPT API.
  • go-chatgpt (Golang): An unofficial ChatGPT client in Golang.


  • gptlang: Experiment to see if we can create a programming language in ChatGPT.


If you created or found any awesome resource about ChatGPT, feel free to create issues or PRs to contribute to this list!