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A curated list of awesome things related to Hugo, the world's fastest framework for building websites.

Hugo is a general-purpose website framework—written in Go—that generates static webpages.

Websites built with Hugo are extremely fast and secure. Hugo sites can be hosted anywhere… and work well with CDNs. Hugo sites run without the need for a database or dependencies on expensive runtimes like Ruby, Python, or PHP. We think of Hugo as the ideal website creation tool with nearly instant build times, able to rebuild whenever a change is made.

— Paraphrased from "What is Hugo".







Theme Components

  • hugo-chart - A Hugo theme component to display beautiful Charts.
  • hugo-cloak-email - A Hugo theme component to cloak email addresses.
  • hugo-notice - A Hugo theme component to display nice notices.
  • hugo-loremipsum - A Hugo theme component to generate Lorem ipsum.
  • hugo-social-metadata - A Hugo theme component to generate social metadata.
  • hudo-redirect - A Hugo theme component to setup URL redirections/aliasing on Hugo sites.
  • hugo-cite - A Hugo theme component which uses CSL-JSON to create (academic) bibliography sections for pages and posts.
  • hugo-responsive-images - A Hugo theme component for generating responsive images with srcset tags. Supports lazysizes for automatic sizes property and lazyloading polyfill.
  • hugo-inline-svg - A theme component for inlining SVG. Comes with CSS for displaying as blog, or inline with text.
  • hugo-github-calendar - A Hugo theme component for creating a graph of your GitHub contributions.

Projects using Hugo




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