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[]Tracman for Android

v 0.6.1

Android app to upload a user's GPS location to the tracman server.

This project is deprecated.

Since Google increased the cost of their maps API, it no longer made financial sense to keep it running. I might revive or remix the project in the future.


Install from the Google Play Store or with adb/Android Studio.


In order to apply changes to settings, you need to hit the back button and return to the main menu (where it just says "General settings"). Don't hit back again, or you will be logged out. This will be fixed as #9 someday...

The app will switch between "realtime updates" (Every second, or whatever interval you set up in the settings) and "occasional updates", depending on if there are visitors to your map. This prevents the app from draining your battery when nobody's looking at your location anyway.

More information is available on the help page.


Tracman for Android is in perpetually poor condition. I don't do much work with Android. This project would benefit greatly from being torn down and rebuilt from scratch. Feel free to check out the issues marked help wanted (or any issues, really) or contact me about getting involved.



  • Updated server URLs


  • #1 Deals with lost connections
  • #6 Loads on boot
  • #7 Added email/password login
  • #8 Doesn't log back in after logging out


  • Fixed compatibility issues with TLS



Tracman: GPS tracking app for android Copyright © 2018 Keith Irwin

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